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Sidarth's Watch Collection

Collector of the Month #1 – Sidarth Sondhi

We are very excited to share a new format on our blog with you guys: “Collector of the Month”

The “Collector of the Month” interview series is all about portraying watch collectors from our community. We believe that you, our community, have so many interesting stories to share in regards to your personal watch collections, that we thought we should build a place for these stories to come to life. And that’s exactly what we did with this new format.

From today onwards, every last Monday of each month, we will portray a watch collector and his or her answers to our 10 “Collector of the Month” questions. We hope you will enjoy it and please do share any kind of feedback or ideas you might have. Also, in case you would like to nominate someone or yourself as the next “Collector of the month”, then please feel free to email us at info@watchadvisor.com and we will see what we can do!

Without further ado, we would like to present you Sidarth Sondhi, our very first “Collector of the Month” – happy reading!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph 'Daytona'

ROLEX – Important Message from Olaf EichstĂ€dt, Co-founder of WatchAdvisor

Let me introduce you to Olaf EichstÀdt.

Olaf is one of the co-founders and WatchAdvisor’s Chief Data Scientist.

He is proud to announce, that WatchAdvisor now offers you a comprehensive database of available Rolex references and styles.

With only a few clicks you can search and find the Rolex you are looking for.

Do you want to give it a try? Search for ”Rolex” on my.watchadvisor.com and choose “Sort by: Random” or simply click here.

We also provide you with reliable information regarding where you can buy your desired Rolex.

If you wish to buy one, one of our listed and official Rolex retailers will be more than willing to get in contact with and make the deal happen.


WatchAdvisor Special Announcement

Announcing several great new features

We are excited to announce several exciting news regarding the development of the WatchAdvisor platform! These past months, we have been working hard behind the curtains to continuously improve our tech and implement what we have learned from you, our users. We are thus very happy to be able to share our latest developments with you, which of course mark only the beginning of all our upcoming new features over the next few months! Oh and there’s also a chance for you to win a brand new Tissot. 😉