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After only two years in the media business, WatchAdvisor became one of the most renowned digital watch magazines with the fastest growing user base worldwide.

With a monthly reach of 3’000’000 impressions and more than 250’000 unique visitors we achieve an average media consumption of 200’000 hours per year.

The biggest differentiator is our exceptional community engagement. No other media channel in the watch industry has developed a committed, raving and engaged community with an average of 97% likes in such a short time.

The typical WatchAdvisor media consumer are the new generation men of digital affine luxury consumers between 24 and 55 years of age from western countries. They are highly educated business owners, C-level decision makers, entrepreneurs or managers with a household income with more than $250’000 per year. They are watch collectors, international travelers, love premium watches, cars, yachts, art, fashion, exclusive hotels, designer furniture, premium products, Swiss engineering and “Swiss Made” quality products.

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