LiveChat: The ultimate wristwatch 2019

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LiveChat: The ultimate wristwatch 2019

Mon, 02/10/2020 - 14:03
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Tomorrow Monday, 30th December 2019 @ 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM WST , just before new years eve, I invite you to our second Live Chat. Let us discuss and together define the ultimate wristwatch(es) 2019. Think about the watch(es) you would like to nominate, join the Live Chat and put them in the limelight. What do you think? Will it be a Rolex, an Omega, a Patek Philippe, an Audemars Piguet, a Panerai, an Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Breitling, a Vacheron Constantin ... ?

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