Hands-on: SWATCH 1983 Bio-Reloaded + SWATCH Sistem51 Bio-Reloaded

With this 4K-video we show you the new Swatch “1983” Bio-Reloaded collection and Swatch “Sistem51” Bio-Reloaded automatic watches that continue the tradition of innovation that has always been the drive defining the brand’s personality. With two newly introduced materials, extracted from the seeds of the , it is the first time a has succeeded in replacing all conventional by bio-sourced materials in a series production environment. All components naturally meet the high Swiss Made quality requirements that Swatch places on its products.

Literally sealing the deal, the new packaging sets a new standard as well. Made of , the material consists of an innovative mix based on potato and tapioca starch. As a result, the packaging produced with the injection molding process is fully and can be with paper waste or even right at home.

A milestone as such deserves a special design to go with it : the Swatch “1983” collection takes its cues from the early days of the illustrious Swatch spirit. Six models offer reinterpretations of the first Swatch watches …

A litte bit of Swatch history …

With its premiere on March 1, 1983 Swatch quickly turned an entire industry on its head, launching 12 colorful watches made of only 51 individual parts, with modern materials, at a democratic price and high quality.

In 1995, Swatch literally joined forces with the sun, demonstrating its innovation skills in the area of alternative energies. relied on Mother Nature for its energy – and could totally do without the usual batteries. The same year, did not only tell the time but also paved the way to the slopes as a new kind of ski pass. It even conquered outer space one year later, going on board of the on the wrist of .

A watch that wears like a second skin: the extremely light has made time measurement into a sensual experience in 1997. The secret of the slimmest watch line in the world : newest technologies enabling a refined construction, weighing just a few grams.

In 2004, Swatch was once again ahead of its time with the launch of its “connected watch” . Through a wireless internet connection, its wearers had access to instant messaging, news, or weather services at any time.

In 2013, the presented the first mechanical movement ever made whose assembly is fully automated – a true sensation in the industry. The automatic watch is made of only 51 components – as the original Swatch watches – which are held together by a single screw.

Customize a series product? With its personalization concept, the brand is opening a completely new chapter for the industry. In order not to interrupt the automated production process, the watch is customized only after it has been assembled – and only after its order has been placed.

In September 2020, Swatch added a further highlight to its colorful brand history, replacing all conventional by bio-sourced materials and premiering in a collection that brings the iconic design of the first Swatch models to the present day. Off to the next chapter: