Breguet is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a brand characterized by blue eccentric « moon » tip hands – Breguet!

Breguet in a Nutshell

Founded: 1775 – in Paris, by Abraham-Louis Breguet

Corporate: Member of the Swatch Group

CEO: Thierry Esslinger (Since 2018)

Revenue: CHF 420`000`000

Price range: CHF 8`000 – 500`000

Units: 27`000 per year

Employees: > 1000

Presence: Worldwide

Collection: Men’s & ladies’

What does the Brand stand for?

No other watchmaker has more contributed to the watch industry than Abraham-Louis Breguet. He was a watchmaking genius and turned Breguet into a house of inventions such as the chronograph, the tourbillon, the first perpetual calendar, the wristwatch, and the self-winding movement. The brand kept its identity and never lost its timeless style over the years. Today, while preserving the spirit of its founder, the brand tries to discover the unknown.

If you feel like there is still more to invent and to discover, join Breguet on their journey and conquer the world of watchmaking.

About the Models


The Classique shows that even a complicated watch does not have to trade its simplicity, clarity, and flawlessness. This collection represents the marriage between a simple design and fine watchmaking. Sometimes, a tiny detail is more important than the rest.


As its name suggests, Breguet has done a phenomenal work in preserving its origins. The Tradition collection is inspired by the brand’s legendary souscriptions watches and represents the visionary mind of Abraham Louis Breguet.


For a brand focused on classic watches, it is a real challenge to create a modern timepiece without losing its DNA. Breguet mastered this exercise by creating the Marine collection. These watches have a sporty design but they still have not lost Breguet`s philosophy.


The HĂ©ritage collection is characterized by non-round timepieces which still do not lose their recognition factor at all. Designed originally in the ‘50s for the French army, Breguet brought the model back in a civilian version, combining classic and modern watchmaking in a same timepiece.

Reine de Naples

During his time, Abraham-Louis Breguet created watches for Napoleon Bonaparte. He took this opportunity to design a timepiece for his sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. The Reine de Naples collection is directly inspired by this very specific watch and represents the feminine elegance, classic with a touch of modernity.

WatchAdvisor’s 10 Favorites

Classique 5157 38mm (Ref 5157BR/11/9V6)

Price available upon request

HĂ©ritage 5410 42mm (Ref. 5410BR/12/9VV)

Price available upon request

Tradition 7047 41mm (Ref. 7047PT/11/9ZU)

Price available upon request

Marine 5517 40mm (5517TI/G2/5ZU)

Price available upon request

Price available upon request

Price available upon request

Reine de Naples 8965 34mm (Ref. 8965BR/5W/986 DD0D)

Price available upon request

Répétition Minutes 7637 42mm (Ref. 7637BB/12/9ZU)

Price available upon request

Classique 7147 40mm (Ref. 7147BB/29/9WU)

Price available upon request

Crazy Flower 33mm (Ref. GJE25BB20.8989/FB1)

Price available upon request