Zenith Defy Lab – how compliant mechanisms helped to design the new oscillator

Did you like my presentation about the new, revolutionary oscillator?

As an additional source of really valuable information I invite you to watch this 12 minutes video.

Today in Le Locle at the Zenith Headquarter Thomas Mercier, an engineer from Guy Sémon´s team, explained with some very illustrative slides how compliant mechanisms helped to build the new oscillator.

What you will see is simply amazing and absolutely worth to be seen. 

In mechanical engineering, compliant mechanisms are flexible mechanisms that transfer an input force or displacement to another point through elastic body deformation. These may be monolithic (single-piece) or jointless structures.

Lean back and enjoy!

This compliant mechanisms is a single-piece structure, there is no need of assembly. With no joints, “rubbing” between two parts or friction as seen at the joints of rigid body mechanisms is absent.

Compliant mechanisms are elastic.

Thomas Mercier explains the new Zenith Oscillator from WatchAdvisor on Vimeo.