WatchAdvisor @ Jaeger-LeCoultre. Eleven subscribers going analog in September 2019.

#jaegerlecoultre What a story! From digital to analog… In February we taped an interview with Catherine RĂ©nier. It was Catherine’s very first interview being the new CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre. During the interview Catherine invited our viewers to come to Le Sentier to visit the manufacture in the VallĂ©e de Joux in the Swiss Jura.

So exactly one month ago eleven WatchAdvisor subscribers, coming from Austria, Denmark, England, France, Sweden and Switzerland, came together – literally went from digital to analog – to experience a one of a kind visit to the manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre lasting one entire day.

The absolute highlight was when Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Catherine RĂ©nier joined us in the afternoon for a warm-hearted, extensive exchange.

Curious to discover what you missed?

I invite you to watch and enjoy the video and be sure to come next time when we will visit another manufacture in Switzerland and/or Germany …