Talking to René Beyer of Beyer Chronometrie located at Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich

Beyer Chronometrie in Zürich was founded in 1760. 

Beyer Chronometrie is the oldest watch shop in Switzerland.

Beyer Chronometrie is currently managed by René Beyer, who represents the eighth generation of the Beyer family.

Beyer Chronometrie sells Rolex, Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Hublot, Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Baume & Mercier, Tudor and Jaquet Droz.

Beyer Chronometrie has specialised in the sale of antique and vintage watches since 1965.

Beyer Chronometrie has been selling most of these above mentioned brands already for decades. Patek Philippe for instance for more than 165 years and Rolex for almost 100 years.

I personally know René for more than 20 years and I can tell you we both share the same enthusiasm and passion for watches. But it must tick to be real cool!

I invite you to listen to my interview with René Beyer who will tell you how the business in Zürich is going, who is buying what and what kind of watches and brands do really sell.

So after listening to my interview, what do you think? Interesting, isn´t it?

Beyer Chronometrie also houses the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum!

The exhibition comprises some 300 pieces from all fields of chronology, which are examined in technical and scientific terms as well as from an art-history point of view. The museum is home to one of the most important horological collections in the world. It recounts the complete history of timekeeping from 1400 BC to the present day.

The Beyer Clock and Watch Museum is open to the public from Monday to Friday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm, guided tours are offered on request, a bookings is required for groups of 10 persons or more. 

The Beyer Clock and Watch Museum is located at the Beyer Chronometrie on Bahnhofstrasse 31 in Zürich. Phone: +41 43 344 63 63

Actually the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum presents a chronograph exhibition named chronograph in the course of time

René told me: “Alexander, the exhibition is devoted to the history and technical development of the wristwatch chronograph, from its beginnings through to the present day.”

We all know that the chronograph enjoys a special status in the world of sophisticated watchmaking. It is characterised by its complex mechanism and impresses with its strong design, which is instantly recognisable thanks to its pushers and manifold counters and hands. With an ordinary watch, the wearer simply observes time as it passes by; with a chronograph, however, one can determine its fate – by endlessly starting and stopping it, or returning it to zero. Not to miss! Embedded in the history of their century, some chronographs have become icons. They have accompanied the progress of the motor car, the beginnings of aviation, the conquest of space and the exploration of the oceans. Come and discover models whose design, technology or history have shaped their individual era.

The exhibition at the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum is open to the public from Monday to Friday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm and just was prolonged until 20th October this year. So if you are in Zürich or if you plan to go there, don´t miss it!

Guys, this is something I really liked when I came to the Beyer Chronometrie this time.

Summertime is always a good occasion to enjoy some Italian ice-cream …

When you come to Beyer Chronometrie these days you are offered a gelato. Yes, I tasted René´s gelato and yes I can tell you it was EXCELLENT.

Bon giorno, my name is René Beyer … may I offer you some gelato … 🙂

Thank you for having me René and thank you for the time you spent with me!