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Nomos 'Metro neomatik 39'

Nomos Glashütte ‘At Work’ – 14 new interpretations of ‘Tangente’, ‘Metro’, ‘Orion’ and ‘Tetra’

We all know the iconic ‘Tangente’, ‘Metro’, ‘Orion’ and ‘Tetra’ watches of the one and only Nomos watch manufacturer located in Glashütte in Saxony / Germany. 

There was nothing one could have really wanted to criticize except the size of the watches.

Nomos was literally defending small sizes for the wrist. But since size matters also on the wrist it seems that the growing pressure to finally present a bigger core-collection convinced the design-team to create this new ‘At Work’ collection. 

You will not discover something real new underneath, but you will see some of the ticking icons of Nomos looking real cool now in their 39 mm cases …