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Jean-Claude Biver & Alexander Linz. This is a selfie I took when we met in March this year

Jean-Claude Biver is no longer the CEO of the LVMH Watchmaking Division

Last week Jean-Claude Biver celebrated his 69th birthday and already days before I knew that he would announce something not really unexpected for me. Jean-Claude has a health issue and needs to take care of himself now. That’s more important than to serve LVMH. He needs time for himself and this is not possible when you are the CEO of the LVMH Watchmaking Division, the CEO of TAG Heuer and if you steer Zenith. 

First I invite you to read the official LVMH announcement and then to listen to my taped 7:49 minutes comment.

Please let me know what you think and how you see the situation by posting your comment here underneath …

The original 'Heuer Carrera' was sold at auction in May 2016, for a breaking price of 225’000 CHF. Peterson’s Heuer is now owned by the TAG Heuer museum

TAG Heuer – Unique reedition of the famous Heuer Carrera Ronnie Peterson

TAG Heuer presents a replica inspired by the glorious ‘Carrera’ gold 18 carat, owned by Ronnie Peterson.

The first reedition is a unique piece in 18 carat gold, identical to the one worn by the Swedish pilot. TAG Heuer is proud to present a unique reedition of the famous so called ‘Carrera Ronnie Peterson’.

This replica is offered on behalf of TAG Heuer and the proceedings of the sale will go to the Ronnie Peterson foundation, honoring his legacy and supporting talents in motor sport. 

The reedition will be sold at Bonhams auction ‘Les Grandes Marques à Monaco’ Friday, May 11th in Monaco.