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The monolithic regulating organ made out of silicon

Zenith Defy Lab – how compliant mechanisms helped to design the new oscillator

Did you like my presentation about the new, revolutionary oscillator?

As an additional source of really valuable information I invite you to watch this 12 minutes video.

Today in Le Locle at the Zenith Headquarter Thomas Mercier, an engineer from Guy S√©mon¬īs team,¬†explained with some very illustrative slides how compliant mechanisms helped to build the new oscillator.

What you will see is simply amazing and absolutely worth to be seen. 

The making of Aeronith, the world’s lightest aluminium composite material.

Zenith Defy Lab – learn all you need to know about the palace revolution

What you will discover here is tantamount to a palace revolution! 

With its “Defy Lab” Zenith is the brand to present¬†the¬†new revolutionary oscillator – a monolithic regulating organ made out of silicon –¬†of the LVMH Watch Division Research & Development Department.

It is made out of monocrystalline silicon, including details finer than a human hair and it replaces the sprung balance.

The 31 components of a standard Swiss lever escapement, measuring usually 5 mm or more, which require assembly, adjustment, timing, testing and lubrication, are completely replaced by a single element measuring just 0.5 mm thick.

I invite you to learn all you need to know with plenty of EXCLUSIVE pictures and videos and of course with my interviews.

I talked to Guy S√©mon the brain and driving force behind the development of the new monolithic regulating organ made out of silicon and I talked to Thomas Mercier, who is a member of Guy¬īs Research & Development¬†team in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

It is only today the world premiere of the new oscillator. But everything you will discover here I was already able to discover last week. So I was able to put this comprehensive article together for you. Enjoy!