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Happy Birthday Jack Heuer!

Today its Jack Heuer´s anniversary. Jack Heuer, born 19.11.1932, is getting 85 years young. Yes, young! Jack is fit as a fiddle!

For Jack´s anniversary TAG Heuer is releasing a 1932 pieces limited edition of the ‘Autavia’ chronograph Jack created back in 1962.

Join our little birthday party, see lots of pictures and discover the story behind the Heuer ‘Autavia’ …

The Heuer Reference 2446H, the Autavia "Rindt"

Remarkable results for the exceptional Heuer chronographs at the Phillips auction in Geneva

Have a quick look at the yesterdays results of the Phillips auction of the ‘The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection consisting of exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era’ in Geneva. 

The results in fact underline what Phillips auctioneer and senior consultant Aurel Bacs and I talked about last Thursday afternoon in Geneva.

I really hope you already had the time to listen to our conversations!

I think in the future we will have to monitor what will happen with Heuer vintage chronographs more closely.

The good question now is: Which vintage-watches of which brand are skyrocketing next? Breitling? 

Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo presents 'The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection: Exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era' this November in Geneva

Talking to Aurel Bacs, the charismatic and successful auctioneer of Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo

Yesterday in Geneva I had the enormous pleasure to talk to Aurel Bacs.

He will, starting tomorrow Saturday, auction during ‘The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: SIX’inter alia ‘The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection consisting of exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era’. 

But my conversation with Aurel Bacs is split in two parts:

First we talked about the tremendous success Aurel had as an auctioneer with the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona that belonged to Paul Newman. The watch was auctioned a couple of days ago in New York for $17,752,500 / CHF 17,709,894 / € 15,228,095.

I asked Aurel what what was going on in his head at the moment when he auctioned this stunning chronograph and when the hammer went down.

Then we talked about other brands and their vintage watches that will probably perform well in one of the next Phillips auctions. You will hear some interesting names and be able to discover some unexpected type of watches.

In the second part of our conversation we talked about the Heuer Parade. 

This is the upcoming auction of the ‘The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection consisting of exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era’. There are some really amazing watches among the ones that will come under the hammer. 

You will also be able to discover all the Heuer vintage-chronographs from The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection and to find the appropriate information each watch. I have uploaded pictures of all the watches …

I invite you to take some time and listen to our interesting conversation and to discover the Heuer vintage-chronographs. If you are into vintage watches it is even a must!

Heuer advert from 1936

Presenting the Heuer Globetrotter exhibition

In two weeks from now, on September 15th, TAG Heuer will launch the Heuer Globetrotter Exhibition at the TAG Heuer Boutique in Geneva together with Jack W. Heuer and Jean-Claude Biver at 17:30 CEST.

Thereafter the Heuer Globetrotter exhibition will tour around the world for two weeks.

Ten TAG Heuer boutiques across the world will each exhibit a themed collection featuring vintage Heuer models from the brands museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, as well as pieces loaned by local watch-collectors.

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 Chrono 42 mm

Baselworld 2017: TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 Chrono 42 mm

Authentic, cool and fair priced! Created and christened by Jack Heuer in 1962 the Autavia chronograph quickly became an iconic timepiece. The new Autavia Heuer 02 Chrono 42 mm is an authentic replica of an Autavia from 1963. What you get is the cool look from the 1960s paired with the newest watchmaking technology from 2017…

Jack Heuer wearing the new 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia Chronograph with the 7-row steel “Grains of rice” bracelet