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Gombessa IV –Genesis

World Oceans Day – Together with Blancpain I invite you to watch a spectacular 26-minute film

Today is the Word Ocean Day. 

Lend me 26 minutes of your precious time and please watch this film. Unbelievable what you are going to see…

It is an unique annual gathering: Approximately 18.000 groupers, 700 grey reef sharks, and a group of audacious research divers.

Is this a chaotic feeding frenzy or an organized hunting pack? The Gombessa IV Genesis by Laurent Ballesta and his team builds on observations made during the Gombessa II (2014)study of the grouper reproductive phenomenon, and prepares the Gombessa IV expedition.

This project has been realized in French Polynesia in June 2016 with an additional donation of 250.000 Euro linked to the first limited edition Blancpain Ocean Commitment watch.