SIHH 2019: Talking business with Fred Levin, CEO & President TROVERIE

WatchAdvisor x Troverie: Revolutionising the Watch Retailing Landscape. Developing their activities on two different continents, WatchAdvisor and Troverie yet pursue the same goal – simplifying the customer journey of today’s watch consumer in an increasingly digitalized world. Both businesses embrace the same vision aimed at creating a win-win-win strategy for retailers, brands, and the platform, eventually positioning the customer at its core. The visionary mind of Georges Kern, visionary leader and current CEO of Breitling, provided the necessary inspiration and introduction for the two platforms to come together. Independently monitored by brand leaders and jewelers on a global as well as on a local scale, both platforms evolved into digital references for the watch industry. Their shared vision, enthusiasm, and professionalism led to the rapid development of their operations. “Through the Troverie and WatchAdvisor partnership, we are inviting US-based online luxury watch consumers to experience – for the first time – a completely trustworthy end-to-end journey guided by experts in the global watch industry,” says Troverie CEO and founder Fred Levin. “Our new digital solution begins with WatchAdvisor in Switzerland, connects to Troverie’s ecommerce platform serving the entire United States, and then concludes with one of the 70 storefronts within our authorized independent jeweler network.” “Troverie and WatchAdvisor both provide a service that not only satisfies the customer but also helps the industry reposition itself for long term success,” says Lauren Calmas, Troverie’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Both companies have transformed the luxury watch space for a new generation of clients while empowering global brands and jewelers to reach a digital audience that they could not be previously speak to in an effective manner independently.” “This fantastic cooperation between WatchAdvisor and Troverie enables consumers to directly benefit from a wide assortment of watches, authorized and fully supported by the finest and leading manufacturers,” says WatchAdvisor Co-Founder Valerij Stepanov. “Both platforms gather and condense prominent knowledge on luxury watches. Through their expertise and competencies, WatchAdvisor and Troverie enable online purchases and in-store service, support and education, offering a highly convenient customer experience for modern watch consumers.”