SIHH 2018: The A. Lange & Söhne Novelties

A. Lange & Söhne this year focuses on some fine line extensions and a technical sensation. The ‘Triple Split’ is the first mechanical split-seconds chronograph in the world that allows multi-hour comparative time measurements. 

Discover the A. Lange & Söhne ‘Triple Split’, ‘Saxonia Moon Phase’, ‘1815 Chronograph’ in pink gold, ‘Saxonia Thin’ in copper blue, ‘Saxonia Outsize Date’ and ‘Little Lange 1’ …

A. Lange & Söhne ‘Triple Split’

The only split-seconds chronograph in the world that can measure additive and comparative times for as long as twelve hours is in a league of its own. At the same time, it has broken the house record of the ‘Double Split’, which in 2004 allowed the first comparative measurements with an aggregate duration of 30 minutes and since then has defended its unique position. With a precisely jumping rattrapante minute counter and a continuous rattrapante hour counter, the ‘Triple Split’ multiplies the measuring range of the rattrapante function by a factor of 24. This covers many more diversified and interesting applications: for instance, the ‘Triple Split’ can compare the times of two opponents in a Formula 1 race, a Tour de France leg or a marathon. It can also record the times of consecutively starting events, such as the outbound and return legs of a long-haul flight. Also, it is possible to add the times of multi-hour events, such as the duration of individual Ironman disciplines. Any number of lap times can be stopped during an additive time measurement.

The development of a triple rattrapante mechanism that controls the three hand pairs collectively or separately confronted the engineers with enormous technical challenges. Even a simple rattrapante mechanism has two hands attached to arbors that run one inside the other. In the case of the triple rattrapante mechanism, this arrangement is three-fold: two seconds hands as well as two hands each for the minute and hour counters. For the watchmaker, the multiple arbor configurations require the ultimate in dexterity and extreme patience in adjusting the endshakes.

The A. Lange & Söhne ‘Triple Split’ offers the following functions: Time indicated in hours, minutes and subsidiary seconds with stop seconds; flyback chronograph with triple rattrapante for additive and lap time measurements in the range between one-sixth of a second and twelve hours, precisely jumping chronograph and rattrapante minute counter, continuous chronograph and rattrapante hour counter, tachymeter scale, UP/DOWN power-reserve indicator 

A. Lange & Söhne ‘Saxonia Outsize Date’

In the ‘Saxonia Outsize Date’, the display – a classic arrangement of two white discs with black numerals – sports a new design. The date discs of the precisely centred outsize date are black and feature white printed numerals to match the black galvanised solid-silver dial. Applied hour markers in solid gold and the elegantly proportioned 38.5-millimetre case in white or pink gold underscore the richly contrasting overall personality of the watch.

A. Lange & Söhne ‘Saxonia Moon Phase’ 

The ‘Saxonia Moon Phase’ adopts a new look with a black dial in a white- or pink-gold case. The moon-phase display is decorated with 852 stars and calculated to remain accurate for 122.6 years. In this version, to match the black dial, the date numerals are white on a black background rather than vice-versa. The outsize date and the seconds subdial with the integrated moon-phase display are centred on the ver- tical axis, underscoring the sleek elegance of the overall design.  

A. Lange & Söhne ‘1815 Chronograph in pink gold’ 

With the two new versions, watch connoisseurs are spoilt for choice: Featuring a black dial, hands that match the pink-gold case and a black alligator leather strap, the ‘1815 Chronograph in pink gold’ has a harmoniously sculpted and distinctive silhouette. Thanks to the expressive combination of an argenté dial, blued-steel hands and a red-brown alligator strap, it is a functional understatement. The manually wound calibre L951.5 movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and a freely oscillating balance spring paired with a cam-poised balance.

The watch offers these functions: Time indicated in hours, minutes, and subsidiary seconds with stop seconds; flyback chronograph with precisely jumping minute counter; pulsometer scale    

A. Lange & Söhne ‘Little Lange 1’

Since 1994 the ‘Lange 1’ is A. Lange & Söhne’s iconic design classic. Without that watch, showcasing an asymmetric dial and the prominent outsize date, the traditional brand would not have become what it is today. In terms of technical and artisanal features, the Little Lange 1 has just as much to offer as its larger sibling.

“Little” merely refers to its case diameter of 36.8 millimeters. A purple dial in guilloched gold framed by a white-gold case makes a fabulous statement. Hands and appliques in rhodiumed gold emit dazzling reflections against the dark background. This version is limited to 100 watches and is available exclusively at A. Lange & Söhne boutiques. The grey dial, also guilloched, of the second white-gold model radiates cool elegance. Conversely, the guilloched dial of the pink-gold version amplifies the brown-hued ensemble of the case, hands, and appliques. In all three versions, the alligator leather straps echo the colour of the respective dial to amplify its effect.

A. Lange & Söhne ‘Saxonia Thin’ in copper blue

The hands and appliques contrast crisply against the background of the copper-blue dial. It is crafted from solid silver and coated with a thin layer of subtly shimmering goldstone. The precious facing requires an elaborate manufacture process that was originally developed in Venice in the 17th century. Microscopically small copper oxide crystals saturate the deep blue with choreographed reflections that are reminiscent of the stars in the blue midnight sky.