Omega Speedmaster – 60 years young! 2010 – 2016

The Omega Speedmaster celebrates its first 60 years!

The Omega Speedmaster is one of the most iconic wristwatches. Its unparalleled story is so unique and thrilling; no marketing guru ever could have invented it.  

Let me present you the history of the Omega Speedmaster in six parts.

Discover the different Omega Speedmaster models and read in brief whatÂŽs behind each of the ticking icons …



First Speedmaster with meteorite dial

With a dial and subdials made from slices of meteorite, this Speedmaster was built from a real piece of space. It commemorates the historic moment when astronaut Thomas P. Stafford (USA) and cosmonaut Alexei A. Leonov (USSR) shook hands in space in 1975. The caseback features two spacecraft from both the USA and the Soviet Union and the names of the cosmonauts and astronauts involved.



40th anniversary

This watch celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 15 moon landing and is included in a numbered series of 1,971 pieces. The red, white and blue colours on the dial were inspired by the mission patch and the caseback includes a superb engraving of the Lunar Roving Vehicle which was used on the moon for the first time during the mission.



40th anniversary

This Limited Edition timepiece is one of OMEGA’s most iconic Speedmasters and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the final lunar landing in December 1972. It features a striking and unique 925 silver dial embossed with the same design as the Apollo XVII patch which represents Mankind, the future, the image of Apollo and the United States flag. The watch was limited to just 1,972 pieces.



First Speedmaster in ceramic

Emblematic of OMEGA’s bold style, innovation and pioneering spirit, the “Dark Side of the Moon” brought the Moonwatch to a new generation. Crafted from a single block of sleek ceramic, the sporty model also features a black ceramic dial with 18K white gold hands and a nylon fabric strap. The incredible production techniques used to create this watch have been some of OMEGA’s most celebrated achievements.



45th anniversary

On a brown “NATO” strap, this watch commemorates the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11. It uses the colours of the moon and the lunar and command modules and features a brushed case with

a touch of gold. It has a black PVD dial and a lightweight grade 2 titanium case – inspired by the titanium ore that covers the moon’s surface.



Built for the European Space Agency

Designed especially for space explorers, the Speedmaster Skywalker is an innovative upgrade of the Speedmaster Professional X-33 released in 1998. The new model, powered by an advanced quartz calibre, was thoroughly tested and approved by the European Space Agency for inclusion in all of its missions. Built from titanium, it includes a ceramic bezel with a chromium nitride scale and an LCD display with an electroluminescent backlight.



Apollo 13 45th Anniversary

A tribute to the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 and the Silver Snoopy Award that OMEGA subsequently received from NASA, this watch features a white dial with special comic strip inscriptions and a small Snoopy decorating the 9 o’clock sub-dial. On the caseback, a 925 silver Snoopy medallion is surrounded by alluring dark blue enamel.


X-33 Si2

New approach for Solar Impulse

The Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition celebrates OMEGA’s partnership with Solar Impulse, whose team succeeded in circling the globe in a solar powered airplane in 2016. Made from titanium and presented on a NATO strap, the quartz watch is particularly lightweight and features a ceramic bezel with a chromium nitride scale. There are skeletonized black and white hour and minute hands and a central seconds hand distinguished by green and black colouring.



Worn by George Clooney

The Speedmaster ’57 is an innovative wristwatch that salutes its legendary ancestor and has been designed to experience new adventures of its very own. The model recalled a number of features similar to its famous ancestor including the black dial with beige indications, straight lugs, and a brushed metallic bezel with a tachymeter scale. George Clooney proudly wore this model for the international advertising campaign in 2015.



Inspired by the 1959 original

The original OMEGA CK2998 was released in 1959 and has become one of the world’s most sought-after vintage Speedmasters. This watch used the classic model as inspiration, with classic Alpha and lollipop hands, a symmetrical steel case and three subdials in blue. This colour theme continues on the bezel, minutes track and leather strap.



First Speedmaster Master Chronometer

The first Speedmaster certified as a Master Chronometer, this blue Moonphase timepiece reaches the industry’s highest standards of precision and performance as approved by METAS – another important milestone in OMEGA’s superb history of watchmaking. Most incredibly, the image of the moon on this watch is as detailed as a NASA photograph. Zoom in close and you’ll see an astronaut’s footprint.