Baselworld 2017

Nomos Campus - the name tells the story

That´s a mechanical wristwatch for a great start in life! Either to celebrate academic achievement, starting a career or to set a clear signal against digital- and/or smart-watches as a young chap. To own a Nomos Club is not a question of money, but a question of personal conviction!  So listen dear parents, there is no reason why your kids should not continue a tradition and not wear a mechanical wristwatch!   

Some interesting facts about Nomos Glashütte

You might have recognized that I did not publish an interview with either Roland Schwertner, the founder of Nomos Glashütte in 1990, nor with Uwe Ahrendt, the CEO of the watchmaking company. It does not fail according to my will, but due to the fact that Roland Schwertner does not give any taped interviews at all and Uwe Ahrendt prefers to do them in German I simply couldn't. As I know that Nomos Glashütte is popular among you guys I want to serve you some written facts in a kind of Q&A I put together for you...    

Patek Philippe celebrates the first 20 years of its Aquanaut with the new Ref. 5168G


In 1997 the Patek Philippe Nautilus – it had its debut in 1976 – was already a manifestation of casual elegance in steel. However, with its extremely elaborate two-part porthole construction, it was beyond the reach of the younger, physically active target group that then manufacture president Philippe Stern had in mind.

31 Baselworld 2017 novelties that really impressed me.

Why 31? That´s the number I counted when finishing my choice and putting the story together.  Please do not expect a product listing of ticking superlatives here or a ranking of the most expensive / crazy watches. What I will show you instead are watches that really impressed me - 31 in total. Either through their good and cool design, technical realization, impeccable quality and/or reasonable price.