The new IWC Schaffhausen Manufakturzentrum - a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant

In Neuhausen - a suburb of Schaffhausen - IWC marries traditional watchmaking with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and technologies. The new so called Manufakturzentrum (= manufacturing centre) was completed in just 21 months.

I invite you to tour through the new building with me. I have uploaded 116 pictures and written as many comments ... Have fun!

IWC is steadily growing and therefore the manufacturer needs additional space to manufacture its movements and cases. In the last fiscal year Inc Schaffhausen produced 95.000 watches and achieved a turnover of estimated 720 Million Euro. 

In its Manufakturzentrum, IWC brings together the production of movement components, manufacture movements and cases in one place. That's a milestone in the company's history, since before the manufacturing sites were spread all over Schaffhausen.

The movement-component production workshop produces around 1500 components, including components for the automatic movements of calibre families 52 and 82, the hand- wound movements of calibre family 59, and the chronograph movements of calibre family 69. In Neuhausen complex components are manufactured, such as bottom plates, bridges and oscillating weights, as well as small components including switching levers, springs and latching elements. 

The basement of the Neuhausen-Manufakturzentrum houses the case production department. Stainless steel, titanium, platinum, red gold, white gold and bronze watch cases are manufactured here. Since the 1980s, IWC has been accumulating a wealth of expertise in the machining of challenging case materials.

The latest material innovation to come from Schaffhausen is Ceratanium: the new case material is as robust and as light as titanium and as hard and as scratch resistant as ceramic materials. 

View my pictures and get an impression of the new Manufakturzentrum of IWC Schaffhausen ...



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