November 2018

Swatch & Damien Hirst celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse

In only a few hours from now, the “Spot Mickey” Swatch will be available for 24 hours. The “Spot Mickey” Swatch is limited to 1999 pieces and numbered.

Each “Spot Mickey” Swatch bears the signature of Damien Hirst and the Disney Logo on the back of the bracelet. If you are lucky to get one, you will have to pay 165 Euros / 185 Euros for it

Breitling News – The Premier Collection. CVC Capital Partners now owns 100 percent.


Let's make a long story short: I like the new Premier collection!

Well done Georges Kern & Breitling crew!

Why do I like the collection? 

Georges will explain you: “This is the first modern Breitling collection dedicated to everyday elegance. With outstanding quality and performance, these watches bear our unmistakable brand DNA, but they have been created with a focus on style that beautifully complements their purpose.”

Have a look at these watches …