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Alexander Linz

Journalist and writer

based in Vienna / Austria

I would call myself a typical watch aficionado. But, I had the opportunity to turn my hobby into my profession. This was more than 25 years ago … gives you the opportunity to follow my work when I travel to Switzerland, Germany or around the world to see a new watch, to discover a new development and when I meet the movers and shakers of this industry. Many of them have become close friends meanwhile, so I can offer you even more distinguished insights of the worldwide acting watch industry. I do invite you to discover the world of watches with me, with us and to take advantage of our unique database that helps you to find your favorite wristwatch.

You can listen, watch, enjoy and get the right advise how to buy your desired watch …




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Breitling News – The Premier Collection. CVC Capital Partners now owns 100 percent.


Let's make a long story short: I like the new Premier collection!

Well done Georges Kern & Breitling crew!

Why do I like the collection? 

Georges will explain you: “This is the first modern Breitling collection dedicated to everyday elegance. With outstanding quality and performance, these watches bear our unmistakable brand DNA, but they have been created with a focus on style that beautifully complements their purpose.”

Have a look at these watches …

Hands-on-video. The OMEGA Railmaster goes Denim.

The 'Master Chronometer' certified Omega-Calibers are considered to be one of the best mechanical movements available today.

The newest 2018 'Railmaster' goes Denim. 

I now invite you to discover the watches with me. After watching the video please let me know what you think by using the comment section here underneath ....



Hands-on video - the First OMEGA Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition


These pictures are only a teaser...

For the next 15 minutes I invite you to lay back and relax, maybe open a bottle of delicious champagne or drink a glass of good, old whiskey...

The Omega 18 CHRO calibre is unique and its story thrilling. The entire project was a one of a kind adventure, never seen before. Chapeau Omega! I have never before seen anything comparable...

Each of the 18 Omega chronographs will tell its proper history to the new owner. The only thing you need to do ist to listen to the ticking of the movement and close your eyes...

Longines - The Longines Skin Diver Watch


In an official statement Longines today stated: "We are breathing new life into our first diver watch, a 1959 piece that was introduced at a time when water sports were becoming extremely popular. Reliable and elegant, the model would be a great success among diving enthusiasts. The Longines Skin Diver Watch derives its essence from this emblematic timepiece that made an important mark on the company’s history."