Jean-Claude Biver is no longer the CEO of the LVMH Watchmaking Division

Last week¬†Jean-Claude Biver celebrated his 69th birthday and already days before I knew that he would announce something not really unexpected for me. Jean-Claude has a health issue¬†and needs to take care of himself now. That’s more important than to serve LVMH. He needs time for himself and this is not possible when you are the CEO of the LVMH¬†Watchmaking Division,¬†the CEO of TAG Heuer and if you steer Zenith.¬†

First I invite you to read the official LVMH announcement and then to listen to my taped 7:49 minutes comment.

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This is the official statement published by LVHM last week:

Paris, September 21, 2018

After an extraordinary career spanning over 40 years in watchmaking, Jean-Claude Biver, together with LVMH, has decided to relinquish his operational responsibilities and assume the role of non-executive Chairman of the LVMH watchmaking division.

The reorganisation announced today will allow us to continue to grow our watchmaking division, with two objectives: delivering products of the highest technical quality, and continuing to grow our brands around the world. I am particularly pleased that

Here is the audio file with my comment. 7:49 minutes …

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