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Starting today I want to introduce “Just my two seconds”.

Let me rephrase the expression “Just my two cents” …¬†

You all know what “Just my two cents” means. But literally¬†is all about seconds, the 86.400 seconds of each day.

“Just my two seconds” will be a micro audio-podcast delivering you even better information and more insides …¬†¬†

As many of you followers, watch-collectors and watch-aficionados look for analyses, answers, inside-knowledge, inside-views and strong opinions when something happens within the watch industry, when new products come to the market, when new technologies are introduced, when managers come and go, when companies are sold and bought, I want to give you the appropriate and correct information YOU are looking for here on 

Just my two seconds

I decided not to write, but to speak and tape¬†“Just my two seconds“, since¬†I know that my interviews with the leaders, the movers and shakers, of the watch industry are meanwhile very popular.

Many longtime followers of my work as a watch-collector, watch-aficionado and primarily committed watch-journalist told me that they listen to my recordings in the morning during breakfast, in the car / the train / the tram / the subway on their way to work, instead of listening to music.

So let us call it a micro audio-podcast.

In the future I will¬†focus more on¬†micro audio-“Just my two seconds“-podcasts and deliver you much more personal opinions and insides. Of course I will also focus in the future on taping interviews with interesting personalities of the watch-industry.

Later today I will start with¬†“Just my two seconds” about Georges Kern.

You might have heard / read about the fact that Georges quit his job as one of the big, big bosses of Richmont to become the new CEO of Breitling.

Have you ever asked yourself why someone is doing this?

Being one of the most powerful managers in the watch-industry, quitting this position to become the CEO of only one relatively small company / brand?

This is also an invitation

Be part of Just my two seconds

If you have any questions, if you you want me to analyze things for you, if you want me to ask one of the CEOs, managers, owners …

Please send your emails to¬†¬†alexander[at] ¬†and I will do everything I can to give you the appropriate answers via “Just my two seconds”¬†…

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Since “Just my two seconds” is something new and pretty unique, the word of mouth for “Just my two seconds” and¬†would the best advertising on earth!

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Thank you guys!