Harry Winston 2019. Hands-on the Histoire de Tourbillon 10, equipped with four tourbillons

This year Swatch Group did not attend Baselworld in March. Swatch Group for a good reason decided to leave the world watch & jewelry show and to create an own format how to present its novelties. Today is the 19th of May 2019 and I have been spending three days last week in Switzerland to discover the novelties of the luxury brands of Swatch Group. Among them of course Harry Winston!

I invite you to discover a wristwatch equipped with four tourbillons.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 10.

For the first time ever, Harry Winston uses four distinct tourbillons in a Histoire de Tourbillon creation. By the way this is the last of its series. After delivering these timepieces to the markets Harry Winston will stop inventing & manufacturing tourbillon watches under the name “Histoire de Tourbillon”. Something new is in the pipeline …

Arranged in perfectly symmetrical order, the four independent, adjacent cores rotate in 36 seconds, their high-precision steps unified by a series of three differentials. Together, they make “Histoire de Tourbillon 10” a timepiece dedicated to superlative chronometry, with a unique design. The idea behind using multiple regulating mechanisms is to take advantage of the qualities of each one and harness their unique way of reacting to gravity, the effects of which the tourbillon is designed to offset. Thus, they do not mark the same time, but the same time must be given, so the operation of these mechanisms is unified by three differentials. The first is connected to the two tourbillons on the left, while the second is connected to those on the right side of the case. The third, which is large and located in a central position, does the job of averaging the two previous differentials and transmitting its information to the juxtaposed hands.

A rectangular case was needed to realize the “Histoire de Tourbillon 10” complication. At 53.3 mm wide and 39.1 mm tall, the piece is as much a vessel as it is a watch. The four tourbillons of the “HW4702” calibre, which has no less than 673 components, can be seen in the four corners of the case, housed in a glass box of impressive proportions and supported by two transverse bridges.

Impressed? I hope so!

Stay tuned since this is only one of the first videos going online. In the next days I will continue my presentation and show you selected new luxury timepieces of Blancpain, Breguet, Glashütte Original, Omega and Jaquet Droz.

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