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The creations of this self-taught, iconoclastic watch-making philosopher are provocative challenges, as much too mechanical traditions in general, as they are to horological traditions in particular. Vincent Calabrese is one of only a small group of watchmakers capable of building watch movements by hand. Most of them are made in 18-carat gold, but he is the only one among his peers to have made some of them in 950 platinum as well. His watch-making style, which he refers to as “SPATIALES”, enables him to make unique and personalised movements in any shape or form, such as initials, Latin characters, symbols, countries, etc. Vincent Calabrese thrives on new challenges and thus, determined not to stop after the success of his ‘Spatiale’ watch-making, decided to create other watches which, despite their almost traditional ‘dial watch’ appearance, were to stand out from anything that had been done before and prove his talent for invention. All his creations feature a mechanism that he invented and produced himself, and all the exteriors are created entirely from his own ideas. Vincent Calabrese enjoys challenges that test his inventive mind, and creates watches that, in contrast to the traditional look of watches with dials, have to be different from anything that has ever been created before. An eclectic, he can design a popular watch such as the "COMMEDIA", a gold plated quartz watch, as well as a handmade watch in 18kt gold or even in 950 platinum that is tailor-made to the owner's personal requirements, such as the "PERSONNELLES" range. We cannot help but be amazed at the many facets of V. Calabrese's creative talent. All of his creations have a mechanism that he himself has invented and built, all his creations have an outward appearance that has been conceived without any outside influence or borrowed ideas. Moreover, if the creations are not already patented, there is a patent pending.