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Pioneer in Retailtech for the Watchindustry

WatchAdvisor is a Swiss Internet start-up company with the aim of stimulating the Swiss watch business with innovative, digital solutions and, in the process, of linking all watch brands and all official retailers with the rapidly growing international online watch community. WatchAdvisor presents the first independent platform which connects watch retailers and brands with watch lovers worldwide and differs essentially from previous watch websites: For the first time ever, the Swiss watch industry has a neutral and cross-brand platform which currently offers detailed information on around 16'000 watch models in the price segment above CHF 1,000.

A unique feature is the possibility the users engage directly with official watchretailers who offer the desired watch. In addition to its powerful search engine which can target esthetical and technical features of the watch, WatchAdvisor develops algorithms which - depending on the users preferences and interests - introduce watch lovers to new brands and models. WatchAdvisor is building a global network of official retailers who actively engage with the international online community of interested watch lovers. 

Powerful online research combined with the safety of offline purchase 

As the community feedback shows, WatchAdvisor fills a gap for the watch market and the watch industry. The potential of sales for luxury watches through the Internet is limited - to important is the emotional connection to see a watch in action at one’s wrist and thesafety concerns to make such a purchase online. WatchAdvisor delivers a new approach for online-to-offline retail: watch lovers can use the platform’s services to find the watch of their dreams and WatchAdvisor networks them with a suitable retailer of their choice, no matter if they wish to buy the watch in their home town or while travelling. As watch lovers can try on their watch at the official specialist retailer, they can rest assured that they will buy the real product. As the network only accepts official retailers, watch brands can be certain that the customer’s shopping experiences is in line with the interests of the brand.

Investment opportunities

For further information about investment opportunities and detailed planning figures please contact us or Mr. René Weber, independent luxury watch- & finance analyst (Bank Vontobel AG).