Zenith in a Nutshell

  • founded in 1865 in Le locle, Neuchatel (Switzerland) by Georges Favre-Jacot
  • member of LVMH group, Le Locle (Switzerland)
  • + 1000 employees
  • price range + 4`500.-
  • worldwide presence
  • men's and ladies' watches
  • own quartz & mechanical movements

What does the brand stand for?

Zenith – named after the highest point in the sky. The Brand reached it in 1969 with the first automatic chronograph movement ever released. Until today, the El Primero ("The First") it is an iconic millstone for the brand and for the watch industry. Even brands such as Rolex used El Premero Movements – which speaks volumes for the role Zenith has played in the watch industry. We should also not to forget about the +2300 Chronometry prizes won by Zenith and other technical achievements demonstrated in its 300+ patents.

If you ever wondered how the world looks from the highest point of the sky – Zenith will take you there.