The Brand in a Nutshell

  • established in 1905 – London, United Kingdom by Hans Wilsdorf & Alfred Davis
  • privately held company located in Geneva and Biel (Switzerland)
  • + 2800 Employees
  • revenue of CHF +4 Billion per year
  • price range + CHF 4`400.-
  • worldwide presence
  • men's & ladies' watches
  • own quartz & mechanical movements
  • highest auction price was USD 17`752`500 for a Paul Newman Daytona in October 2017
  • sponsoring: tennis, golf, Formula 1
  • sold watches per year +700`000 pieces

What does the Brand stand for?

The Best way to describe the Rolex brand is by using the slogan which was used until 2009: "A crown for every achievement". Many times, Rolex has shown that nothing is impossible and that for those who dare life is limitless: A Rolex was the first watch to ever have conquered the circumstances at the Mount Everest. The first watch with a resistance to magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss was a Rolex. And so were the first watch to have ever endured swimming across the English Channel and also diving to nearly 11 km water depth.

When we talk about Rolex we talk about bringing quality, robustness, stamina and persistence to a whole new level while keeping things as simple as possible. The accuracy of mechnical Rolex watches (+/-2s per day) is legend. The only luxury you will find on top of the fabulouos movements are precious metals and precious stones. And even here you could argue that those elemnts help to give the watch a lasting value.

If you like to push boundaries and if you feel like life is too short to live with restrictions: join Rolex and discover how far you can go.