Michele focusses on ladies fashion wathces which are "Inspired by extraordinary women around the world" and which "bring a touch of luxury to every day. "

Showcasing brilliant hand-set diamond cases, Swiss movements and mother-of-pearl dials, the MICHELE design philosophy blends timeless elegance with contemporary fashion for a combination of classic and feminine style. Renowned for interchangeable straps, MICHELE features materials sourced from around the world, including fine alligator and exotic skins as well as premium calfskin leathers. MICHELE empowers each woman to make an accessory that is distinctly her own.

Michele is a brand of the Fossil Group, Texas.

www.truefacet.com reports that compared to many hundreds-years old Swiss watch-making companies, Michele’s history is short, tracing its origin story to the 1940s with Belgian watchmaker Maurice Barouh. Barouh is said to have been a believer in using only the highest quality materials and challenged his own skills as an artisan to produce watches that reflected his devotion to the watch-making craft. He passed his values and passion for horology onto his son, Jack, who relocated to Latin America and began producing watches of his own design there. Unlike his father, however, Jack had an incredible knack for identifying fashion trends and re-interpreting them into his own watch designs. 

Jack and his wife Rita founded Michele as we know of it today in 1995, naming the company after their eldest daughter, Michele. In 2000, the company’s namesake Michele Barouh joined Michele as creative director.