Jaeger-LeCoultre in a Nutshell

  • founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre
  • member of the Richemont Group, located in Le Sentier (Switzerland)
  • + 1'000 Employees
  • price range + 5'000.-
  • worldwide presence
  • men's & ladies' watches
  • own quartz & mechanical movements


What does Jaeger-LeCoultre stand for?

Records are here to be broken as long as we are not talking about the ones Jaeger Le Coultre is holding in their repertoire. They look upon a breathtaking repertoire of more than 1'200 mechanical movements and hold of more than 400 patents. If you have a chance to visit "La Manufacture" in Le Sentier, a true powerhouse of Swiss watchmaking with dozens of different professions and cutting-edge technologies, you can browse through their movement archive and admire the wealth of mechanisms and ideas.

Jaeger released in 1946 the Atmos Clock, a timepiece of near-perpetual movement needing no human intervention and which - quite literally - takes the energy to run out of thinn air. A breathtaking invention. Not only is Jaeger-LeCoultre the unofficial master of mechanical movements, but they have also innovated the watch case: in 1931, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Reverso line where the watch can be swivelled in a carrier to protect the watch glass. This ingenious mechanism was later used to house two different watch faces in one watch. To add glamour to craftsmanship, Jaeger-LeCoultre offers engraving, enameling and gemsetting on some of their models. 

You are looking for Swiss watchmaking at its best? You want everything and all? You don`t want to compromise on anything? Jeager-LeCoultre has it all.