Czapek & Cie

Czapek & Cie


François Czapek was a Czech-born Polish watchmaker who fled to Geneva in 1832 after fighting in the Polish uprising. He immediately started his own atelier and in 1839 entered into a partnership with Antoine Norbert de Patek, introducing him to the world of watchmaking. In 1845, at the end of their partnership, he created Czapek & Cie and achieved considerable success. He became the official watchmaker of Napoleon III and opened, what was most likely the first watchmaking boutique on the Place Vendôme in Paris. He wrote a book about watchmaking, one of the first ever written in Polish. Unfortunately, he died before publishing a second one. Even though the company was a success, it did not survive François Czapek’s death and remained forgotten until 2011.

In 2011, watchmaker Sebastian Follonier, art expert Harry Guhl, and luxury veteran Xavier de Roquemaurel came together to revive the brand. Czapek & Cie raised 2 million CHF among more than 100 investors becoming the first Haute Horlogerie brand revived by watch lovers worldwide. They have taken the most distinguishable and arresting aesthetics of the early timepieces and adapted them to the 21st Century. It is as though François Czapek, the brand’s original founder, were alive today and creating contemporary masterpieces.

Czapek & Cie has been revived in 2015 with an exceptional collection, whose leading model won the Public Prize in the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in Geneva in November 2016. This collection takes its inspiration from an 1850’s Czapek time piece. It features a beautiful enamel dial and is powered by a 7-day proprietary manufacture movement created in collaboration with Jean Francois Mojon from Chronode. 

Czapek & Cie thus combines craftsmanship, design and rarity.