About WatchAdvisor


WatchAdvisor offers luxury watch lovers a new, customer centric and convenient way to explore and discover the best fit brands, watches and authorized retailers.

Interested buyers can quickly access the world of luxury watches by connecting with other watch aficionados, brands, and local retailer globally. This independent network stands for relevant and first class content generated through the community.

WatchAdvisor itself does not sell watches. It merely offers to connect interested buyers with official authorized retailers.

WatchAdvisor is a Swiss company owned by it's Swiss management and strives for excellence in design, precision, and Swiss quality. Our business is based on innovative digital solutions, their continuous improvement and our fast growing network of retailers.



PARTNERS of WatchAdvisor

WatchAdvisor also works together with strong partners like Swisstime

Swisstime is an independent and essential Swiss watchmaking reference since 1963 and official contributor of watch content from some of the most famous watch brands in Switzerland.