Talking to Nicolas Baretzki, the CEO of Montblanc


I recently had the chance to already see all the new Montblanc watches coming in 2018, but unfortunately it is much to early to talk about them and/or to show any pictures.

Meanwhile I can offer you my first interview with Nicolas Baretzki, who took over from Jérôme Lambert, after Jérôme became the new Head of Operations of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA and a member of the Senior Executive Committee earlier this year.

Talking to René Beyer of Beyer Chronometrie located at Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich


Beyer Chronometrie has been selling most of these above mentioned brands already for decades. Patek Philippe for instance for more than 165 years and Rolex for almost 100 years.

I personally know René for more than 20 years and I can tell you we both share the same enthusiasm and passion for watches. But it must tick to be real cool!

Breaking News: Julien Tornare will become the next CEO of Zenith (Updated with picture and official press release)

Starting 1. May Julien Tornare will take over Zenith as CEO. Julien Tornare was the Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin in Asia and based in Hongkong. Julien Tornare originates from Geneva and passed almost all his career at Vacheron Constantin after leaving Raymond Weil in 2000. He is a proven expert for the Chinese market and he will probably very quickly develop Zenith on the Chinese market, since the brand is not really present there yet ... I will have more details coming in the next days ...  

Some interesting facts about Nomos Glashütte

You might have recognized that I did not publish an interview with either Roland Schwertner, the founder of Nomos Glashütte in 1990, nor with Uwe Ahrendt, the CEO of the watchmaking company. It does not fail according to my will, but due to the fact that Roland Schwertner does not give any taped interviews at all and Uwe Ahrendt prefers to do them in German I simply couldn't. As I know that Nomos Glashütte is popular among you guys I want to serve you some written facts in a kind of Q&A I put together for you...