BREITLING Watches 2020 presented by CEO Georges Kern

In this epic video Georges Kern will present you his new watches. It is a long video – yes – but absolutely worth being watches from A to Z!

It is about being modern-retro! Breitling relaunches the iconic Chronomat, the iconic watch of its collection from 1984. I must admit I immediately fell in love with the new 2020 Chronomat. Very close to its 1984 original and therefore absolutely cool. Have fun watching this video and let me know what you think.

This is by the way what Breitling says: … “The New Breitling Chronomat Collection: The All-Purpose Sports Watch for Your Every Pursuit. The Chronomat holds a significant place in Breitling’s history. Introduced in 1984, when extra-thin quartz timepieces were the order of the day, Breitling placed a bold bet on an impressive mechanical watch that proved to be a winner and became an icon of its era. Nearly 40 years later, the redesigned Chronomat is set to appeal to today’s generation of men and women of purpose, action, and style.” …

Are you in?

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