WatchAdvisor.com is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a historic and Swiss Made entry-level brand – Tissot.

Tissot in a Nutshell

Founded: 1853 – in Le Locle, by Charles-Félicien and Charles-Émile Tissot

Corporate: Member of the Swatch Group

CEO: François Thiébaud (since 1996)

Revenue: CHF 1’200’000’000

Price range: CHF 100 – 3’500

Units: 3’700’000

Employees: 300

Presence: Worldwide

Collection: Men’s & Ladies’

What does the Brand stand for?

Tissot was founded in Le Locle, in 1853, by Charles-FĂ©licien and Charles-Émile Tissot. The father’s art of handling gold combined with his son’s craft of watchmaking resulted in complex pocket and fine pendant watches.

The brand stood up to two World Wars and several economic crises due to its open-mindedness on novelty and transformations. Tissot has always been able to balance design and aesthetics with technical innovations. It found strengths in its legacy and in its capability to quickly adapt to changes in its environment.

Today, Tissot is a crosswise brand that offers affordable watches of high-quality and exquisite classic timepieces. Its heritage is also a central element of its positioning, and it is not a surprise if it is still possible to find the old family spirit of the founders in today’s brand’s offices.

If you are interested in history, legacy, and permanent challenges and innovation: then Tissot is the right brand for you!

About the Models


The T-Touch collection is truly unique. The touch-sensitive sapphire crystals enable you to regulate several functions such as a barometer, an altimeter, a compass, and a thermometer. Powered by solar energy, the T-Touch is undeniably the definition of a proper tool watch.


In the world of sports, Tissot is well known for sponsoring the MotoGP, the NBA, and cycling. The T-Sport collection is the brand’s tribute to this commitment, and it encompasses a broad variety of sports watches, such as diving and chronograph models. The T-Sport collection also contains special and unique timepieces, personalized with the colors of teams or pilots sponsored by the brand.


The T-Classic collection offers elegant and classy watches. The models’ design is focused on the essentials, things are kept simple. This collection is the perfect combination of a dress and a daily watch, surely a great addition to your collection.


Tissot’s Heritage collection honors the brand’s legacy and its founders. The manufacture recreated some of its legendary timepieces such as the Visodate and the Banana. Special attention has been given to the replication of these icons; the use of Tissot’s vintage logo is one of many small, nonetheless significant, details.


Tissot dedicated an entire collection to women. These thin and delicate timepieces represent the feminine elegance and the small diameters of the models will surely adapt to every woman’s wrists.


Tissot is still offering the possibility to own brand new pocket watches. The T-Pocket are models of extreme elegance and stands out from the crowd. The Lepine timepiece is particularly interesting as it constitutes a modern version of the classic pocket watch.


As its name suggests, the T-Gold collection is strictly made of yellow and rose gold watches. These models represent the purity of elegance and their design is simple and straightforward. With the T-Gold, Tissot offers the possibility to wear a classic dress-watch for a reasonable price.

WatchAdvisor’s 10 Favorites

Tradition 42mm (Ref. T063.610.16.037.00)

CHF 295 (recommended retail price)

Le Locle Powermatic 80 39mm (Ref. T006.407.16.053.00)

CHF 545 (recommended retail price)

V8 Quartz Chronograph 42.5mm (Ref. T106.417.11.051.00)

CHF 465 (recommended retail price)

CHF 645 (recommended retail price)

Lady Heart Powermatic 80 35mm (Ref. T050.

CHF 695 (recommended retail price)

Lovely Square 20mm (Ref. T058.

CHF 295 (recommended retail price)

Bella Ora 31mm (Ref. T103.310.11.123.00)

CHF 365 (recommended retail price)

PR 100 Sport Chic 36mm (Ref. T101.910.11.121.00)

CHF 325 (recommended retail price)

Bridgeport Lady 18K Gold 38mm (Ref. T71.1.479.76)

CHF 1’725 (recommended retail price)

Excellence 18K Gold 40mm (Ref. T926.410.76.041.00)

CHF 2’145 (recommended retail price)