WatchAdvisor.com is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a brand creating durable with high-tech materials – Rado

What does the Brand stand for?

Founded in 1917, the brand initially started as a movements’ supplier for other watch companies, and it is only in 1957 that it presented its first watch collection, finally deciding to compete as a global player.

Characterized by its pursuit of revolutionary designs and materials, Rado embraces its motto: “if we can imagine it, we can make it”. Over the years, the brand has been able to master and understand several materials, specializing itself in the use of ceramic and diamond.

Today, Rado is looking to the future with confidence, focusing on the creation and supply of durable and ingenious watches. If you want to translate your vision into a material testimonial, then choose Rado and you will never be disappointed.

About the Models


Presented in 2012, the Hyperchrome instantly won the heart of watch lovers. It embodies the best Rado has to offer: a durable timepiece made of high-tech materials. Inspired by some of the finest vintage Rado watches, the sporty design of the Hyperchrome is versatile and will definitely adapt to every situation.


The Diamaster collection has been completely redesigned a few years ago and now comprehends watches for men and women. The design of the Diamaster is simple and elegant, but never monotonous. Its large dial enables you to concentrate on a watch’s most important functionality: the time.


One of the most iconic collections of the brand! As its name suggests, the Ceramica is made of a material Rado mastered over the years: ceramic. Its unique design combined with the resistance property of the case offers you a durable and extremely comfortable timepiece.


Launched in the 2000s, the True collection is linked to another part of Rado’s know-how: visionary designs. Made of high-tech ceramic, the True is a timeless, durable and award-winning timepiece. Its challenging manufacture process contrasts with its simplistic and elegant design. It is a watch that can be worn on every occasion.

True Thinline

The True Thinline collection is quite similar to its older sister, but with one exception: the thinness of its case. Indeed, this collection is the result of years of experiments and innovations and is now the thinnest ceramic watch Rado has ever produced. Moreover, its lightness and slim shape make it extremely comfortable to wear.


The Centrix is the most versatile collection of the brand. Constituted by a wide range of colors and sizes, it addresses itself to men and women. With its Centrix collection, Rado promises that everyone will find a timepiece suiting his or her tastes.


Inspired by Rado’s watches from the 60s, the Coupole is a classic timepiece. Its vintage design makes it an elegant choice if you are looking for a dress watch for instance. Nevertheless, it is only vintage in its look as the Coupole is equipped with the most advanced technologies the brand is able to offer. It is the perfect combination between the ancient and the modern world.


With its bulky case, the Rado Original does not go unnoticed. Honoring the first scratch-proof timepiece of the brand, this collection possesses a peculiar sporty and timeless design that no other brand could conceive. It is a true iconic timepiece for Rado, and for the whole watch industry as well.


Rado’s Tradition collection honors the roots of the brand and one model in particular: the Captain Cook. Originally presented in 1962, the modern variation of the Captain Cook combines the design codes of its ancestor with contemporary technologies. Being instantly recognizable and respected by watch collectors, the Captain Cook is definitely a must-have of Rado’s offering.


The Florence is a women’s collection celebrating the Italian city of the same name. Available in different sizes and materials, the Florence is an elegant daily companion that will surely please to every woman looking for a fragment of dolce vita.


In 1986, Rado launched its first timepiece made of high-tech ceramic, and it was an Integral. As the brand was revolutionizing the watch industry, this collection rapidly gained in popularity and helped Rado to conquer the position and respect it has today.

WatchAdvisor’s 10 Favorites

Hyperchrome Captain Cook Automatic 45mm (Ref. R32501153)

CHF 2’500 (recommended retail price)

Original Automatic 38.5mm (Ref. R12995153)

CHF 1’500 (recommended retail price)

Diamaster Automatic Grande Seconde 43mm (Ref. R14129116)

CHF 2’850 (recommended retail price)

Ceramica 30mm (Ref. R21700172)

CHF 2’150 (recommended retail price)

Diamaster Power Reserve 43mm (Ref. R14137156)

CHF 2’100 (recommended retail price)

Hyperchrome Automatic 42mm (Ref. R32254202)

CHF 2’600 (recommended retail price)

True Automatic Diamonds 40mm (Ref. R27056872)

CHF 1’950 (recommended retail price)

Ceramica Diamonds 30mm (Ref. R21700722)

CHF 2’350 (recommended retail price)

Tradition Captain Cook MKII 37mm (Ref. R33522153)

CHF 2’100 (recommended retail price)

Coupole Classic Automatic 37.7mm (Ref. R22860044)

CHF 1’250 (recommended retail price)