Piaget is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a brand specialized in ultra-thin mechanical movements and gems setting – Piaget.

What does the Brand stand for?

Georges Edouard Piaget founded its house in La Côte-aux-Fées in 1874. He initially provided some of the most famous watch brands with movements of high precision.

Always sticking to its personal motto “always do better than necessary” and joined by the new generation of the Piaget’s family, he helped the brand to gain incredible skills and abilities in the fields of watchmaking and jewelry.

At the beginning of the 60s, Piaget finally established the identity it is still pursuing today: ultra-thin mechanical movements and gems setting. This period also coincides with the brand attracting some of its most famous clients such as Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.

Today, Piaget is a recognized player, respected for its authenticity and contribution to the industry’s evolution.

About the Models


Launched in 1957, Piaget’s first ultra-thin mechanical movement was a critical point for the brand, and the Altiplano honors this heritage. Constituted by timepieces of fine elegance, the Altiplano is the flagship collection of Piaget and an icon of the watch industry as well.

Limelight Gala

The Limelight Gala is the perfect illustration of Piaget’s brand identity. The precious materials, the roman numerals, and the curved design of the case give the Limelight Gala a unique and instantly recognizable appearance – the perfect dress watch for every woman.


Since 1979, the Polo collection celebrates Piaget’s relation with the sport of kings. Characterized by its sporty and manly design, the Polo addresses itself to the beautiful people and its versatility has increased its popularity over the years.


This collection is at the frontier of Piaget’s offering of watches and jewelry pieces. The Possession has to be seen as an elegant talisman of femininity, protecting and praising the women wearing it – a companion for everyday life.

Black Tie

The Black Tie represents the best Piaget has to offer. Constituted of complications such as the tourbillon and the perpetual calendar, this collection combines modern Haute-Horlogerie with the brand’s know-how in ultra-thin movements.

WatchAdvisor’s 10 Favorites

Limelight Gala 26mm (Ref. G0A42213)

CHF 26’800 (recommended retail price)

Gouverneur 43mm (Ref. G0A37114)

Price available upon request

Polo S 42mm (Ref. G0A43001)

CHF 9’200 (recommended retail price)

CHF 17’100 (recommended retail price)

Limelight Gala 32mm (Ref. G0A38160)

CHF 34’100 (recommended retail price)

Polo 42mm (Ref. G0A43011)

CHF 31’300 (recommended retail price)

Possession 34mm (Ref. G0A43091)

CHF 10’300 (recommended retail price)

Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 41mm (Ref. G0A43120)

CHF 28’100 (recommended retail price)

Possession 34mm (Ref. G0A44099)

CHF 33’200 (recommended retail price)

Emperador Coussin 46,5mm (Ref. G0A41041)

CHF 76’000 (recommended retail price)