Patek Philippe is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover the last family-owned independent manufacture from Geneva – Patek Philippe!

Patek Philippe in a Nutshell

Founding: 1838 – in Geneva, by Anton Patek & Adrien Philippe

Corporate: Owned by the Stern family since 1932

CEO: Thierry Stern

Revenue: CHF 1`350`000`000

Price range: CHF 11`000 – 2`200`000

Units: 58`000 per year

Employees: + 2500

Presence: Worldwide

Collection: Men’s & ladies’

What does the Brand stand for?

It is possible to describe Patek Philippe by using only one word: royal. Why? The first model launched by the brand was the Calatrava, named after an exclusive Spanish knights’ order known for their bravery, courage, and nobleness.

Patek Philippe represents the passion, love, and patience behind the craftsmanship to challenge and master the most complicated tasks of watchmaking. The brand is obsessed with quality and details and is not focused on quantity. It proved it by manufacturing the Caliber 89 which was, until 2015, the most complicated watch on the market (with 33 complications in total!). The legend also says that every minute repeater watch has to visit the desk of Patek Philippe’s CEO for final approval.

Owning a Patek Philip means wearing history, art, a unique and rare piece. If you think that you have already seen everything when it comes to watches and that nothing can surprise you anymore: we challenge you to give Patek Philippe a try.

About the Models


The Nautilus is definitely one of the most admired watches by collectors and watch lovers.  Released in 1976, this iconic timepiece was designed by Gerald Genta, one of the best, if not the best watch designer of all time. Patek Philippe’s philosophy gives a unique touch to the model and even if it can be seen as a sports watch, it still possesses an elegant and timeless design. The Nautilus’ waiting list of 3 to 5 years is the ultimate proof of how admired the watch actually is.


Inspired by the Nautilus, the Aquanaut was launched in 1997. Patek Philippe created a versatile watch which adapts itself to the wearer’s style. Thanks to its sporty and classy appearance, the watch can be worn with any outfit combinations. Ultimately, the inside of the watch still reflects the brand’s essence: the art of watchmaking. The most impressive fact about the Aquanaut and the Nautilus is that they still are extremely resistant and reliable despite the thinness of their movements.


Patek Philippe always mastered the art of watchmaking and it was therefore not a surprise that the brand offered excellence once again by launching the Twenty~4, a feminine and classic timepiece that can accompany every moment of every woman`s life.


Being the first model ever launched by Patek Philippe, the Calatrava illustrates the brand’s philosophy at its best. It is a truly timeless watch, characterized by fine details and precious materials.


This collection of non-round watches represents the Art Deco style which was an important part of the brand’s golden era. With the Gondolo, Patek Philippe revitalizes and relaunches models which still are available in its museum.

Ellipse D`or

Patek Philippe created the case of this watch using a design rule that can be found everywhere in the universe: the golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion. Completed with a colored dial, this perfect design lies at the highest level of fine watchmaking.

Grand Complication

The Grand Complications is the collection that best reflects the brand’s know-how and vision of watchmaking. Every year, Patek Philippe amazes watch lovers with spectacular additions to this collection. Throughout the whole Grand Complications line, it is literally possible to find all the existing complications of the watch industry.

WatchAdvisor’s 10 Favorites

CHF 19`000 (recommended retail price)

Calatrava 38mm (Ref. 5153G)

CHF 30`500 (recommended retail price)

Twenty~4 Automatic 36mm (Ref. 7300/1200A)

CHF 23`000 (recommended retail price)

Complications 40mm (Ref. 5205G)

CHF 42`300 (recommended retail price)

CHF 30`100 (recommended retail price)

CHF 55`000 (recommended retail price)

CHF 83`300 (recommended retail price)

Grandes Complications (Ref. 5178G)

Price available upon request

Aquanaut 40.8mm (Ref. 5164R)

CHF 45`000 (recommended retail price)

CHF 24`000 (recommended retail price)