Hublot is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a brand characterized by bold designs – Hublot.

Hublot in a Nutshell

Founded: 1980 – in Geneva, by Carlo Crocco

Corporate: Member of LVMH

CEO: Ricardo Guadalupe (Since 2012)

Revenue: CHF 550`000`000

Price range: CHF 6`000 – 1`500`000

Units: 45`000 per year

Employees: + 500

Presence: Worldwide

Collection: Men’s & ladies’

What does Hublot stand for?

Despite being quite a young brand, Hublot has become a major player in the watch industry. The brand had its breakthrough in 2008, four years after its takeover by Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe. Back then, Hublot presented a combination that nobody had done before: they matched rubber straps with gold watches. It was at this precise moment that Hublot found its DNA, a differentiation through bold designs. Today, the brand has become a trendsetter and surprises every watch lover by launching new collections in unconventional and innovative materials.

If you think outside the box and believe that style is something that you create, then Hublot is the perfect match.

About the Models

Big Bang

With this collection, Hublot created a whole new universe. Awarded with the best price at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva, the Big Bang stays true to the first concepts of the brand. Today, it has definitely become a recognized model of the watch industry and inspired many other watchmakers.  Available with several complications, these variations surely match the daring nature of the Big Bang.

Spirit of Big Bang

Inspired by the Big Bang, the Spirit of Big Bang was launched by Hublot in 2014. Being the only model of the brand with a tonneau case, the Spirit of Big Bang is the combination of modern, even futuristic, watchmaking and classic horology.

Classic Fusion

Inspired by watches created in the 80s, Hublot launched in 2010 its new collection: the Classic Fusion. As its name suggests, this collection represents Hublot’s values and philosophy, the combination of unusual materials and unique designs. The Classic Fusion is the brand’s testimonial, a watch that keeps its elegance despite its bold character.


After having created watches matching their DNA, Hublot surprised everybody by launching the MP in 2011. It is a collection that stands out from previous models but that still stick to the brand’s vision. The MP is a record breaker and thanks to its technique, takes watchmaking to the next level. Hublot proves here that it also does master the combination of fine watchmaking and modern manufacturing.

WatchAdvisor`s 10 Favorites

Classic Fusion Titanium Light Blue 38mm (Ref. 568.NX.891L.NX.1204)

CHF 11`600 (recommended retail price)

Classic Fusion Aerofusion Titanium 45mm (Ref. 528.NX.0170.NX)

CHF 15`400 (recommended retail price)

Classic Fusion Racing Grey Titanium 45mm (Ref. 511.NX.7071.LR)

CHF 7`300 (recommended retail price)

Spirit Of Big Bang Titanium White Diamonds 39mm (Ref. 665.NE.2010.RW.1204)

CHF 15`900 (recommended retail price)

Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Titanium Dark Blue 42mm (Ref. 647.NX.5171.LR.1201)

CHF 21`300 (recommended retail price)

Big Bang Unico Titanium 42mm (Ref. 441.NX.1170.RX)

CHF 16`900 (recommended retail price)

Big Bang One Click Italia Independent 39mm (465.GX.277G.NR.1204.ITI18)

CHF 18`900 (recommended retail price)

Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase Titanium 45mm (Ref. 517.NX.0170.LR)

CHF 15`300 (recommended retail price)

Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Ocean Blue 45mm (Ref. 521.NX.050B.VR.BER18)

CHF 14`900 (recommended retail price)

Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski King 45mm (Ref. 525.OX.0180.RX.ORL18)

CHF 35`900 (recommended retail price)