WatchAdvisor.com is glad to introduce you a new series of articles aiming at improving your understanding and knowledge of the watch industry. Each week, we will have the pleasure to present in detail a brand and its collections, and in order for you to pick the watch of your dream, we will also provide a selection of our 10 favorite watches. This week, we cover a brand, established as one of the best leather manufacturers, that offers much more than fashion watches – Hermès!

Hermès in a Nutshell

Founded: 1837 – in Paris, by Thierry Hermès

Corporate: Owned by the Hermès family

CEO: Laurent Dordet (Since 2015)

Revenue: CHF 175’000’000

Price Range: CHF 1’250 – 53’000.-

Units: 800’000 per year

Employees: + 300

Presence: Worldwide

Collection: Men’s & ladies’

What does the brand stand for?

Hermès has established itself as one of the best, if not the best manufacturer of leather goods, accessories, bags, and fashion. However, joining the watchmaking industry is never an easy task. The brand mastered this challenge like no other in 1978 when it launched “La Montre Hermès”. The house already knew the conditions required to become a major player and to create a unique DNA. Focusing on exclusive designs, Hermès was quickly able to be recognized in the industry. Moreover, the company also possessed a strong competitive advantage as it was used to manufacture leather watch straps since the 1920s.

If you go through Hermès collection, you will find a passion for art, heritage, and tradition, combined with a contemporary design. You can see how fast the company has developed and understood its customers, proving that they can create much more than fashion watches.

About the models


Being one of the first collections launched by Hermès in 1978, the Arceau makes waves in its own quiet way. It represents the art of fine watchmaking, mastering complicated tasks under any circumstances. The Arceau is a brilliant timepiece, elegant and simple, not overwhelmed with meaningless details.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod collection was launched in 1992 and is a testimony to the rich history of the American east coast. Since its launch, improved mechanical movements and different precious materials have been added to the collection. The wide variety of straps that the Cape Cod offer enables the different models to adapt to every situation: sporty, elegant, or as a daily companion.

Heure H

Created in 1996 by the designer Philippe Mouquet, the Heure H brings alive the strongest recognition factor of the brand: the letter H. Hermès literally used its own logo to design the case of the watch. The Heure H is a very playful timepiece that combines the best of watchmaking and fashion.

Carré H

The Carré H is one of the latest collections of Hermès. Presented in 2010, it quickly gained the favor of the public. With its reasonable proportion and clear design, the Carré H has surely the potential to become an iconic timepiece for the brand. Equipped with an in-house movement, this is the perfect everyday timepiece of the contemporary gentleman.


Inspired by one of the most iconic women bags ever created, the Médor collection was presented in 1993. In its own way, Hermès dug into its product archives and transformed a simple leather dog collar into an exceptional timepiece. The Médor possesses the strong recognition factor of the brand and fully expresses the brand’s DNA.


The Slim collection is honoring the brand’s roots and heritage. By keeping things as simple as possible, Hermès focuses on the most important: the time. The Slim models are equipped with an in-house movement and are proof of the fantastic development that the brand achieved. The brand shows here the complete range of its craft and its tradition of being a game changer when it comes to style.

Cape Cod Nantucket

Designed by Henri d’Origny, Hermès creative director, in 1991, the Cape Cod Nantucket can be seen as a combination of the square-shaped Cape Cod and the round Arceau. The Nantucket’s rectangular case was modeled on the iconic Chaîne d’Ancre, and its elegant case design, completed by a dial decorated with diamonds and colorful straps, creates a truly classic watch.

WatchAdvisor`s 10 Favorites

Cape Cod 29mm (Ref. W043640WW00)

CHF 2`750 (recommended retail price)

Arceau Chronograph 41mm (Ref. W045780WW00)

CHF 5`200 (recommended retail price)

Heure H 26mm (Ref. W044848WW00)

CHF 2`600 (recommended retail price)

Arceau 36mm (Ref. W043403WW00)

CHF 2`850 (recommended retail price)

Slim d’Hermès 25mm (Ref. W041736WW00)

CHF 3`400 (recommended retail price)

Heure H 21mm (Ref. W046334WW00)

CHF 2`800 (recommended retail price)

Médor 16mm (Ref. W028167WW00)

CHF 3`550 (recommended retail price)

Carré H 38mm (Ref. W045778WW00)

CHF 6’700 (recommended retail price)

Cape Cod 33mm (Ref. W044331WW00)

CHF 3’150 (recommended retail price)

Cape Cod 29mm (Ref. W044241WW00)

CHF 3’900 (recommended retail price)