Baselworld 2019: Scientific talk on ISOGRAPH by Guy Sémon, CEO TAG Heuer Technology Institute

!! ATTENTION !! This video is more than interesting and you may definitely learn something!

Guy Sémon and his team have developed a revolutionary piece of technology called ISOGRAPH. This is a proprietary state-of-the-art oscillator featuring a carbon composite hairspring and tailor-made balance wheel for best possible chronometer precision.

It will be used the very first time in the new 42mm TAG Heuer Autavia. If you have not yet watched my presentation of the Autavia I herewith invite you to do so:

Now if you ask yourself what is a carbon composite hairspring and a tailor-made balance wheel, please watch this mind-blowing scientific talk about ISOGRAPH of Guy Sémon.

Allow me to call him a genius. Guy Sémon is the CEO of TAG Heuer Technology, an independent operating scientific research laboratory. Guy joined TAG Heuer in 2008 and his first stroke of genius was to get the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 calibre working. Rather than using an usual gear train and wheels with teeth, the V4’s calibre is belt-driven. Its avant-garde design was inspired by an automobile engine. Since then Guy is behind all the groundbreaking technical developments that were presented by TAG Heuer and Zenith.

Please do also read my articles about Guy Sémon and his incredible developments:……

Later this year I will organize a tour in Guy´s technical institute in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland/Jura) at TAG Heuer’s HQ. You may already now start to show your interest here in the comment section.