Writing an article critique example
involves several steps, where you'll evaluate the author's work, their argument, and the evidence they use to support it. Here's a guide to writing an article critique:
Begin with the title of the article you're critiquing.
Briefly summarize the article's main points, aim, and your overall impression.
Offer a succinct outline of the article, describing its main argument, findings, and key points.
This is the core of your critique. Analyze the article's strengths and weaknesses. Consider the author's objective, how effectively they've achieved it, their use of evidence, the article's organization, and the accuracy of the information provided. If relevant, comment on the methodology used in research articles.
Your Opinion and Conclusion: Discuss your personal opinion about the article, whether you agree or disagree with the author's arguments, and why. Conclude by summarizing your critique and offering suggestions for improvement if necessary