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I would call myself a typical watch aficionado. But, I had the opportunity to turn my hobby into my profession. This was more than 25 years ago … gives you the opportunity to follow my work when I travel to Switzerland, Germany or around the world to see a new watch, to discover a new development and when I meet the movers and shakers of this industry. Many of them have become close friends meanwhile, so I can offer you even more distinguished insights of the worldwide acting watch industry. I do invite you to discover the world of watches with me, with us and to take advantage of our unique database that helps you to find your favorite wristwatch.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the Geophysic True Second with a blue dial limited to 100 pieces


After several versions before Jaeger-LeCoultre now introduces the Geophysic True Second Limited Edition watch with an ocean blue dial. It is conjuring up the fathomless depths explored during the International Geophysical Year. Sunburst patterning on the dial creates a play of light that sets off the alternating brushed and polished finishes of the case. 


The watch features a 'True Second' - it is of course not a quartz-watch, but it looks like ...


Talking watches with Geoffroy Lefebvre the Deputy CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Before Geoffroy Lefebvre was appointed Deputy CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre April 1st this year he served in various senior level positions for Richemont as well as sister company Vacheron Constantin in Geneva; initially Geoffroy  started his career with McKinsey & Company ...

I invite you to listen to our conversation and know more about Geoffroy and his plans with Jaeger-LeCoultre. At the end of our conversation I asked Geoffroy what he thinks the biggest challenges of the Swiss Watch Industry are ... Don't miss his answer!

Pre-SIHH 2018: My first video illustrating the functionality of the IWC Tribute to Pallweber Edition 150 Years wristwatch


I filmed the new Tribute to Pallweber Edition 150 Years wristwatch when IWC presented me the watch two weeks ago ...


If you have not yet read my article about the IWC Jubilee collection to celebrate the brands 150th birthday please click here: 


Pre-SIHH 2018: IWC Schaffhausen will celebrate its 150th birthday

This is my sneak preview to the IWC Jubilee collection in pictures and text ...


The IWC Tribute to Pallweber Edition “150 Years” (Ref. IW505002)

IWC’s frst-ever wrist-watches to feature jumping numerals in a digital display are one of the special highlights of the Jubilee collection. They show the hours and minutes in large numerals on rotating discs.

Omega 'Railmaster' Co-Axial Master Chronometer


Omega 'Railmaster'

The first Omega 'Railmaster' was built for railway staff or anyone who worked close to electrical fields. Shielded by an inner protective case, the watch was able to resist magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss, guaranteeing reliable precision for the wearer. By comparison, most antimagnetic watches at that time offered protection at only around 60 gauss.


Omega 'Railmaster' Advertisement from 1959 ...


Pre-SIHH 2018: Live taken pictures of the 25th anniversary Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches


The 25th anniversary of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 


For all other information about the watches please click here ... You will be linked to my story published some days ago ...


By the way: What do you think? Do you like the new Royal Oak? 



Pre-SIHH 2018: Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium


Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium

The 'Lady Arpels Planétarium' watch illustrates the Sun and the closest planets: Mercury, Venus and fnally Earth, along with its natural satellite, the Moon.

Each heavenly body moves at its actual speed, orbiting the dial in 88 days for Mercury, 224 days for Venus and 365 days for Earth.

In a key innovation for this piece, the Moon itself rotates around the Earth in 29.5 days. 

ROLEX - Important Message from Olaf Eichstädt, Co-founder of WatchAdvisor

Rolex is a name you probably hear about long before you develop an interest in watches. Rolex is everywhere. You can probably buy a dog slay somewhere in the outback of Antarctica using a Rolex as collateral. For us mortals in the watch industry, Rolex is also a source of mystery and legend. Some watchmakers’ eyes glaze over when they speak of the quality of the parts, the legendary +/-2 seconds per day accuracy and the ease with which the movements can be serviced and assembled.Here are some fun facts we learned when we plowed through the brand’s data. For us mortals in the watch industry, Rolex is also a source of mystery and legend.